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December 2010

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Our list changes quickly and additions are often not yet listed. For an update and further information, please contact us. Most boats can be partially finished by the purchaser for a discount. We sell all the necessary parts and materials for complete or partial restoration. Shop space at Skywoods and teaching time may be arranged with Scott on an hourly basis. Click on images or names to see more details on each canoe.

Display Piece: 12 foot hanger canoe with antique trim. Oiled on the inside with painted planking. Made by Skywoods Canoe Company with delivery for Fall 2008. Different varnishes and options available. $1800

7 foot "Northern Wind" Hanger (Display) Canoe. Based on a very rare Canadian Canoe from circa 1900 but scaled to 7 feet for display use.

$1950 oiled

$2600 painted

16 foot Otca.:Old Town Otca Model. CS grade. Spruce trim. Completely restored for delivery August 20011. Owner's choice of colors.


Sail Rig Parts for Sale: Sold as priced.  

15 to 18 foot Old Town Camp Canoes: These are ideal for do-it-yourself restorations or can be made into display pieces.

16 foot Old Town Camp Canoe: $450

Full kit for restoration $1200-$1800 depending on the canoe

as is

16 foot Old Town Yankee. Original condition $2500


1920's Old Town War Canoe to be fully restored



Prices are as of the date updated and may change without notice.