Antique Canoes

Our list changes quickly and additions are often not yet listed. For an update and further information, please contact us. Most boats can be partially finished by the purchaser for a discount. We sell all the necessary parts and materials for complete or partial restoration. Shop space at Skywoods and teaching time may be arranged with Scott on an hourly basis. Click on images or names to see more details on each canoe.

Antique Canoe Models for Sale

Display Piece: 12 foot hanger canoe with antique trim. Oiled on the inside with painted planking. Made by Skywoods Canoe Company to order. Different varnishes and options available.


26 foot Y-stern Cedarwood Canoe

Take all your friends. The ultimate party boat. In good shape but weathered. Usable but needs canvas. Restoration available.

$2750 as is


16 foot Old Town Double Ended Rowing Skiff

Restored a few years ago with a Green Hull Good Canvas and epoxy filler. Its ready to use and enjoy. Proceeds from the sale will go to support a foundation that helps teach girls tennis.


B.N. Morris canoe

Useable with a repair to the inwale, reattaching one thwart end. It features good canvas on the hull and can be put on the water right away.

Canoe as is $1500.00
To repair the inwale and thwart is $250.00

wood strip Epxoy racing canoe

Designed by Jehnsen years ago as a flat water racing prototype, this is a great display canoe.

$ 1600.00

Rushton Indain Girl Canoe

Built about 15 years ago, this canoe shows off its Cherry trim, all white cedar Ribs and planking, and Dacron skin.


Old Town 16’ Double ended rowboat Restoration Project.


#6 Old town canoe

A painted, old canoe that needs everything.

$300.00 as is

Old town canoe

Painted old canoe needs everything. This boat is best used as a display piece


Canadian Canoe Co Hull

This hull is in very rough shape. It's an old all wood, woodstrip


26’ Ystern New Brunswick Fishing canoe

This canoe will take an outboard on the transom up to about 8 Horsepower. All white cedar hull, ash trim, plenty of room and stability to fish. This boat is great for a group of friends or family to take on a calm fishing trip

$ 3500

AA Grade, Mahogany Trim, Old Town canoe

This canoe is oiled and ready to display. Serial #90469 16



Prices are as of the date updated and may change without notice.