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Canoe building form for Skywoods' High ended Osprey Model

Built to be length adjustable for 16 feet to 17 feet by inserting the center section. Form, Stem jig, and cut list details also included.


16' B.N. Morris All Original.

Original canvas, with cracked paint, but usable as-is. One broken thwart end, otherwise very usable/restorable canoe. All wood trim is in good condition.


17' Old Town AA Grade.

Unique history. This canoe was started in 1929, delayed and sat at the factory for several years during the Great Depression. It was finished in 1932. Half-ribs. Seats are re-caned and varnished. One end needs repair. The rest of the boat is in good shape. $1200.- as is. Repaired and oiled for decorative display $2850.-


12foot Adirondack Guide boat kit

This kit features plans, white cedar planking, Tamarack rib stock, floor board, and Oarlocks. This will provide you with most of the wooden parts, ready to build with.


2011 Gloucester Gull Rowing dory

This is a great project to finish yourself or with a partner.

Includes: New Marine Plywood hull, 3/8” Meranti Marine plywood, white oak trim and outwales included, needs seats, oars, and paint or varnish


26 foot Y-stern Cedarwood Canoe

Designed for river fishing in Canada. In good shape but weathered. Usable but needs canvas. Restoration available.

$2750 as is