New Canoes

We build standard, light weight, and heavy duty versions of each model.

What is included in the base price?

All hulls are built with white cedar planking and white cedar ribs. The size and shape of the ribs depends on the desired weight and use of the canoe. (Please see our Price List for rib options.) Base price includes: Ash trim (includes inwales, outwales, decks, thwarts, and seats), 2 sheet caned seats, standard size and spacing of ribs, clinch nailed with brass tacks, all bolts and screws are brass or silicone bronze (and will match on a given canoe), brass stem bands. Please note that a keel is not standard on our canoes.

We offer a wide variety of custom features. Choose your trim, types of seating, removable thwarts, carrying yokes, colors, designs, varnishes, and sailing rigs.

Price Lists for New Canoes and Custom Features

Antique Canoes and Boats for Sale

New Canoe Models for Sale

Dancing Girl 12'

This 12' canoe is ideal for the solo paddler but can also be outfitted with two seats.

Base Price: $3950

Elf 15'

Experienced paddlers     Special TR Model now available

This 15 foot free-style canoe was inspired by an antique Canadian Canoe Company model #42 (also built as the Chestnut Chum) which was brought to me for restoration and which I loved as soon as I put my paddle in the water.

Base Price: $4250

Betsie 15'

Our best selling canoe now offered as the Betsie Classic with high ends and tri-color paint design.

A steady 15 foot canoe excellent for family outings or over-night solo paddling. A good canoe for kids or grand-kids. Full on the ends with a flat bottom for stability. Made for those who don't like getting their feet wet.

Base Price: $4250

Osprey 16, 17'

Traditional wood canvas with high curved ends. A classic design, comfortable to paddle and beautiful enough to turn every head on the river

Base Prices:
16 foot: $4400
17 foot: $4600

Florin 16'9" and 18'

This is a rare and unique style based on a one-of-a-kind flat stern canoe from the Florin Canoe Company formerly from Carson City, MI. The wine-glass transom is small enough so that the Florin paddles like a regular canoe but can also be used with a small motor.

Base Prices & Availability:
Contact Skywoods for more information, as this canoe is now available from a craftsman in Maine.